Warranty - Sprinter Marking


Warranty terms: The company proudly represents that our equipment is made to the highest product quality standards for industrial applications. We wish to assure the buyer they have received the most durable / low maintenance marking system the market has to offer. The company rigorously tests all equipment to tens of thousand of cycles before any equipment is approved for shipment. Accordingly, the seller offers the longest and most generous warranty the industry has to offer. The equipment carries a 1 year parts and labor guarantee. Should any component of the equipment fail during this period we request the customer provide notice of any component problem promptly. Once advised we will direct what action to resolve.

Our limit of liability under this warranty, which excludes all other warranties either express or implied, is limited to replacing free of charge the particular items which our inspection finds to have been defective.

Inspection may be at the place of installation and use or at the plant.

If it’s returned to us at our expense as requested, claims for defective material or workmanship must be verified by an authorized representative of the seller. In such cases, the seller liability is limited to the repair and replacement of such parts of material in question as the seller may decide to be defective after proper examination. Notice of alleged defect and opportunity for inspection must be given to us within one year from date of shipment.

Prior to returning any machine, accessory, or supplies a return shipping authorization must be obtained from the seller.

The seller is not responsible for damage to machine or accessory due to improper installation or attempts to operate the products beyond the rated capacity. Under no circumstances shall the seller be obligated to allow claims for consequential or other damages, or for any expenses incurred by reason of the use or sale of equipment or supplies.

Because of the many different applications and varying conditions of machine installation, the company makes no warranty as to fitness of these products for specific applications. In no event, shall the company be liable for the loss of profits, indirect consequential or incidental damages.

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