Sample Marks - Sprinter Marking

Sample Marks

Sprinter Marking systems markers produce what is called a manufacturer's mark that is readable and legible. These marks are used in manufacturing and packaging for a variety of uses. Some examples include:

  • Date codes - used typically in the perishable food industry
  • Product codes - manufacturers' designations for product ID
  • Spot/dot marking - used as confirmation mark of testing, differentiation
  • Pass/fail marks - used for acceptance or rejection of product testing
  • Insertion marks - marks that allow product to be positioned properly in assembly
  • Alignment marks - also allow proper placement for correct assembly

Some customers are now using the Sprinter models to apply a long continuous mark on adjoining parts for alignment purposes. When the Sprinter model applies a line on both parts they can then be separated for additional processing then rejoined at the same position for final assembly. In other cases Sprinter models are applying a line mark on separate parts for alignment when combined for final assembly. The marks typically are 1/8 to 1/4" in width and can be up to 2" long. Inks that dry in a second or two are supplied by Sprinter to be compatible with the machine technology that delivers the impression.

This manufacturers mark should not be confused with a pad printer mark because a pad printer produces a decorative type mark.

Sprinter Marking inks are suitable for marking on paper, plastics, metals, cartons, and various porous and non-porous substrates, such as glass and rubber.

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