FAQ - Sprinter Marking


Porous (paper, cardboard, etc.) and non-porous(metal, plastic, etc.)

Yes, generally within 1 to 2 seconds dry to touch on most non-porous surfaces, quicker on porous surfaces.

Yes, a range of auxiliary equipment as well as operating supplies are available.

Any orientation is possible; if an orientation requires the ink to feed against gravity, a wick is used in the reservoir to assist ink flow.

A range of type heights are available, 1/16" to 1/4" is commonly used, but larger sizes are available.

Most items are shipped on a 7 to 10 day basis; however overnight service is available on all standard machines, auxiliary equipment, as well as operating supplies. Overnight service is an additional charge and subject to inventory at the time of order placement.

Speeds range in CPM (cycles per minute) 150 to 350 depending on model selected, surface being marked, etc..

At a minimum 20psi (40psi for model 22/28) air supply, a four-way valve, and a signal to switch the valve.

On a model 22 (1/8"-1/4"), model 44 (1/8"-3/8"). Larger diameter dots are available but may require a model 66 or larger.

In most cases, after a sample part evaluation, non-flat surfaces can be accommodated with a custom marking head.

White, Black, Red, Green, Grass Green, Lime Green, Brown, Tan, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Violet, Orange, Silver-Gray, and Yellow.

On a model 66 typically 125,000 imprints of an average length message. Average number of imprints varies with message size and model selection.

Under normal operating conditions, the units are designed to deliver several million cycles, with minimal maintenance.

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