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Company Intro Video


Video Transcript.

Welcome to Sprinter Marking.

I’m here to talk to you today for about a minute about what our company does and the markets we serve.

Our equipment does Product/Date Coding, Dot/Spot Marking, Lot/Part Numbering, as well as Pass/Fail Marking are the common applications.

I have one of our pieces of equipment operating over here, we use 20 psi of compressed air and an air cylinder to drive the marking head down and it is saturated by ink through the ink reservoir system. This unit is operating at about 20 cycles per minute, our equipment is capable of operating up to about 300 cycles per minute.

We offer a range of equipment from small contact markers that do dot marking like this little Model 22 marker all the way up to the message sizes, one inch by two inch, shown by this Model 816.

Sprinter offers a complete line of operating supplies, like a range of ink colors as well as rubber type to assemble messages.

I’m certain you have additional questions for a quick response please feel free to call us anytime at 740-453-1000, or contact us through our website

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