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Coding Ink

Sprinter Marking offers a variety of quick drying inks that are compatible with our marking machines. Compatibility is important to assure that that the ink flows freely thru our ink reservoir design. The ink viscosity is very important to assure proper flow. Our inks have a viscosity that is about half way between paint and water viscosities. Where customers have identified inks that work for their application we offer to test those ink(s) and advise suitability.

Sprinter inks are generally alcohol based inks that are pigmented for lasting color adherence. A rainbow of ink colors are offered (See below chart). The pigment in the ink is very finely ground to flow thru our reservoir and saturates our ink pads to uniformly apply on the surface selected. These inks generally dry in 1 to 2 seconds on non-porous surfaces and quicker on porous surfaces. The inks are normally about 50% by volume pigment which provides the color. With a range of ink colors the contrast to background surface can be matched for messages that stand out. These inks when dry offer very good resistance to abrasion yet can be removed with common solvents. As with all pigmented inks we recommend that they be shaken before use and with some regularity in use to assure that the pigment is uniformly distributed as usage occurs.

We often are sent samples of customer product for sample marking. Unless otherwise specified we will try one or more of our ink grades to develop the mark requested. Some ink grades offer different characteristics which allows us to chose the best solution for adherence/contrast/dry time etc. We offer one grade of ink that offers an invisible mark when applied that only can be seen with UV lighting. We offer a grade of ink that offers water washoff capability.

Sprinter Marking Ink Colors
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